…if a tree falls to the north or to the south, in the place where the tree falls, there it will lie… Ecclesiastes 11:3 (ESV)

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Bryan grew up as a missionary’s kid whose backyard was the expansive Congo basin.  His formative years were spent swimming in the Sankuru River which was inhabited by hippos, crocodiles, snakes, electric fish, and many other interesting creatures.  When not in the river, he was climbing a tree to shoot birds or monkeys in the deep jungle.  The jungle provided all the food and dangers anyone could desire.  Growing up in these surroundings gave Bryan a love for nature and for working with his hands. 

Bryan has served as the director of a medical non-profit that provides free care in developing nations for the past 17 years.  Before that, he served as a missionary in Africa.

In 2015, Typhoon Maysak devastated the small Micronesian island of Yap.  Bryan helped organize a relief effort for the Ulithi Atoll.  He and a team of men spent over a week clearing downed trees and debris off of people’s destroyed homes.   He had always loved chainsaws (Stihl’s especially), but this week significantly advanced that fascination.   In 2017, Bryan discovered that you can climb trees on a rope.  He fell in love with ropes, hitches, climbing, running chainsaws, and the art of rigging.  Tree work became a hobby that provided for the kid’s college tuition.  Over the years, Bryan has gained experience dismantling and taking down trees.  It’s still something he is passionate about.  Operating his own tree business allows Bryan to provide for his family while maintaining flexibility to serve people and Jesus through GDMMissions.


Jared began helping with tree work during the summers of his college years.  He’s always enjoyed the outdoors, so working in nature has a certain sense of fulfillment.  Besides tree work, Jared loves disc golf, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his family.  Jared also serves with a medical non-profit that provides health care in develping countries.

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